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Patterns of Bravery. The Figure of the Hero in Indian Literature, Art and Thought.


Anno accademico 2014/2015

Tiziana Pontillo (Coordinatore)
Corso di studio
Studi indologici e tibetologici
1° anno, 2° anno, 3° anno
SSD attività didattica
L-OR/18 - indologia e tibetologia
Tipologia esame
Relazione finale

Sommario insegnamento



The seminar will take place in May, from the 14th to the 16th 2015, at Cittadella dei Musei, University of Cagliari (Faculty of Humanities, via Is Mirrionis, 1 - 09123 Cagliari), Italy.

The programme:

May 14th, 14.20 – Session I
14.20-14.30 Opening Address - Prof. I.E. Putzu
Chair: Jaroslav Vacek
14.30 – 15.10 Danuta Stasik
Immovable as Aṅgada: Īśvardās’s Aṅgad paij (1502)
15.10 – 15.50 Alessandro Battistini
Cardboard weapons: the lexicon of warfare in the descriptions of citrabandhas.
15.50 – 16.30 David P. Pierdominici
The Kavi as a Warrior: the Poetic Fight between Aruṇagirinātha Diṇḍima and Śrīnātha
as an Image of Literary Changes in 15th Century Vijayanagara
16.30 – 17.00 Coffee Break
Chair: Lidia Sudyka
17.00 – 17-40 Bożena Śliwczyńska
Bravery of the Durātman Hero – the Figure of Rāvaṇa on the Kūṭiyāṭṭam Stage
17.40 – 18.20 Johannes Bronkhorst
Reflections on the fate of north-western Brahmins
18.20 – 19.00 Alberto Pelissero
The semantic domain of vīra in Indian culture, from Veda to tantrism
19.00 – 19.40 Federico Squarcini
Mahāvīra, Mahāpuruṣa, Mahājāna. On the normativity of exceptional figures

May 15th, 08.30 – Session II
Chair: Cinzia Pieruccini
08.30 – 09.10 Anna Trynkowska
The Making of a Hero: Kṛṣṇa in MBh 2.30-42 and in Māgha’s Śiśupālavadha
09.10 – 09.50 Danielle Feller
The epic hero: between Brahmin and Warrior
09.50 – 10.30 Frank Köhler
The broken world of heroism. Reflections on the status of the hero in the Mahābhārata
10.30 – 11.00 Coffee Break
Chair: Danuta Stasik
11.00 – 11.40 Paola Rossi
The sounds of the warrior: the Vedic drums between war and poetry
11.40 – 12.20 Yaroslav Vasilkov
The Indian hero in heaven and on earth: on the meaning of the word 'devaputra'
12.20 – 13.00 Petteri Koskikallio
The art of flying: Aerial experiences of epic and puranic seers
13.00 – 14.30 Lunch Break

May 15th, 14.30 – Session III
Chair: Johannes Bronkhorst
14.30 – 15.10 Moreno Dore
Indra-Bṛhaspati and the Atharvavedic 'consecrated warrior'
15.10 – 15.50 Chiara Neri – Tiziana Pontillo
The Apotheosis of the Hero in the Path to Salvation: brahmabhūta and
some comparable phrases in Vedic and Sutta Piṭaka sources
15.50 – 16.30 Maria Piera Candotti – Tiziana Pontillo
Is the garagir a hero’s image? Reflections on the act of accepting (pratigraha)
16.30 – 17.00 Coffee Break
Chair: Alberto Pelissero
17.00 – 17-40 Jaroslav Vacek
Tamil Sangam ‘man of war’ – his activities and aspirations
17.40 – 18.20 Alexander Dubyanskiy
Heroic behavior in religious movements (bhakti poetry in the South India)
18.20 – 19.00 Lidia Sudyka
The Chejarla temple myth revisited: self-decapitation in early medieval Andhra
19.00 – 19.40 Ewa Dębicka-Borek
The bravery of Sāḷuva Narasiṃha and the grace of Narasiṃha deity
Social Dinner

May 16th, 08.30 – Session IV
Chair: Yaroslav Vasilkov
08.30 – 09.10 Letizia Trinco
Heroes beyond the texts. Sacrifice, death and afterlife in the iconography of
Southern Maharashtra’s hero-stones.
09.10 – 09.50 Chiara Policardi
Mastering oneself, encountering otherness: the itinerary of the vīra in the tantric Yoginī cult
09.50 – 10.30 Anna Nitecka
Vīras in the Trika Śaivism of Abhinavagupta
10.30 – 11.00 Coffee Break
Chair: Alexander Dubyanskiy
11.00 – 11.40 Cezary Galewicz
Patterns of Liminal Bravery: the Cāvers of Kerala
11.40 – 12.20 Aleksandra Turek
A Good Villain: the Bravery of Dacoits from the Śekhāvatī region of Rājasthān
12.20 – 13.00 Martin Hříbek
Heroes from the margins in contemporary Bengali fiction
13.00 – 13.40 Sona Bendikova
Hero in the oral literature of the Kota ethnic group
13.40 – 15.00 Lunch Break


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